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The Power of Positive Thinking: Jay Sai Ram

When ever a thought arrives in our mind it has a tremendous reaction. It sends out vibrations in the universe and we get 1000 times the similar reaction in return.

For example when we see a beautiful house on the way we can have two Thinking’s:

1st Thinking: Negative [Curse]
The owner must have earned a lot by taking someone else’s money and made this expensive house. Or must have got it from his parents [easy money]. He will never
be happy after eating others money.

2nd Thinking: POSITIVE [Blessings]
What a beautiful house. The owner must be very Happy and may the lord bless him so that he always remains happy and gets the best in his life.

This thinking vibrates in the universe and we are sent 1000 times the same vibration back in return. So it is the individual’s choice to make his thinking attitude positive or negative.

This thinking which is sent back to us from the universe affects our Aura [Spiritual Being].

If we have all Positive Thinking [Blessings] with us then we are surrounded by positive vibrations where ever we go:

1. Wherever this individual goes the situations change accordingly in his favor.
2. People start becoming friendly and loving with such an individual
3. He/she will have peace and happiness in his surroundings as all the Positive Blessings that he is giving others are with him all the time.
4. His/her life becomes wonderful and worth living.

So let us start giving blessings to all in each and every situation which comes in front of us, and see the magical effect on our lives.

May the lord Bless Us and Help Us in attaining this beautiful Positive Thinking in our lives.

But the first step is to be taken by us and the Lord is there to guide us and thus forward towards a wonderful and peaceful life gained by POSITIVE THINKING [BLESSINGS]