The Blank Paper: Miracle

This pepal tree stands tall between Ganesh Gate and Ganesh Manidr. Just under this tree, I witnessed a great miracle, unfolding in front of me and many other devotees. This happened few yeas ago, when the Gold leafing work was going on in Sai Kulwant Hall.

One day, after morning Darshan was over, I was moving out of Sai Kulwant Hall. I wanted to buy a news paper and also try some breakfast stuff. While I was passing near the Ganesha gate, I noticed a small crowd engaged in arguments and sort of a small fight. Being unusual in Prashanthi Nilayam, this incident attracted the attention of many people including me. When I went, I found that one of the professors in Swami’s college was trying to sooth the hot temper of the two angered devotees. One man was heavily built and looked like a tough Ruffian with a thick moustache, Another man looked like a humble Sadhu. Both explained their positions.

The tough man said that he had handed over an envelope to Swami. Swami accepted the cover and immediately gave the same to the Sadhu who was sitting next to him. Now this man wanted to have the letter back. He further said that he had committed lots of heinous crimes and that he confessed everything to Bhagavan Baba, in this letter. The contents were top confidential confessions and he did not want any others read it. He said that it would cause undue hardship for him if this was read by anybody else.

Now the Sadhu explained his position. He was praying mentally to Swami to provide him some financial assistance to enable him to go back to the Himalayas, and that he was sure that Swami had given him what he wanted. Swami had given him the cover, he did not wish to part with it.
The tough man explained that he had not kept any money in the cover. It was a small letter addressed to Swami, conveying that he had been a gang member all along having committed many crimes. He had prayed to Bhagavan to forgive him and accept him as His devotee. Both agreed that the Professor might open the cover and find out what is there in it. When it was opened, there was a blank paper, and all the matters written by the tough man had been erased. It was just a clean blank paper. And also there was a currency of Rs.600/- stacked in the cover. The Sadhu had prayed that Bhagavan give exactly this much amount to cover his travel expenses. The devotees who were witnessing this great phenomenon were wonder stuck.
The professor handed over the money to the Sadhu and the blank letter to the other man.
Jai Sai ram.