Akhanda Bhajan 2011 culminates with devotional fervour…

A glittering Sai Kulwant Hall embraced Beloved Bhagawan’s ‘endearing presence’ with a couple of bhajans in His mellifluous voice echoing the holy precints marking the 24 hour non-stop bhajan sadhana, Akhanda Bhajan, this evening here in Prasanthi Nilayam. The two bhajans in Bhagawan’s voice were “Hari Bhajan Binaa Sukha Shanthi Nahi…” and “Prema Muditha Manase Kaho Rama Rama Ram…” that summed up the purport of bhajan singing, that should be done with a mind and heart immersed in love for God.
Akhanda Bhajan 2011 culminates with devotional fervour…
Earlier stundets who spearheaded the entire exercise with devotion and discipline ended their stint ten minutes to the scheduled hour, at 1750, with the customary final bhajan that had been in practice during earlier years in Prasanthi, “Subramaniam Subramaniam…”.
It was time for Prasadam. Swarms of students spread themselves across the spacious Sai Kulwant, ably assisted by Sevadal volunteers, distributing blessed Prasadam, Tamarind Rice and Sweet Pudding, to the assemblage. Following Bhagawan’s injuction to chant the Food Prayer, students soon burst in to “Brahmarpanam…” joined by the entire audience.
Akhanda Bhajan 2011 culminates with devotional fervour…
The entire exericise aimed at promoting world peace and harmony was a thrilling experience reliving the golden past with Beloved Bhagawan, where He would bless the occasion with His towering physical presence, guiding each and every step, blessing Prasanthi and the entire world with His all conquering love.
The 24 hour Bhajans was started in Bangalore in the year 1945 by the eight families that first came to Puttaparthi as a culmination of the year long Thursday Bhajans that they had commenced an year earlier during the time of World War II. When they wrote to Bhagawan seeking permission for the same, Bhagwan blessed the idea, named it Akhanda Bhajan and promised them that He will attend it as well. This grand Spiritual Exercise has been going on uninterrupted ever since.
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300 Year Old Shivalingam Found in Puttaparthi:

Om Sairam dearest family,

On 23rd July 2009 there was some work being done in one farmer’s field just behind Swami’s ashram  in Peddakammavari Palli road and the work men found this less than 3 feet Shivalingam.
In no time the news spread in Puttaparthi and hundreds of devotees started going there and it was talk of the town. Puttaparthi has little bit of history before Swami’s birth in this holy tiny hamlet… The KIng Sri Krishnadevaraya who had his base in Penukonda (1 hour from Parthi)  had built some temples around Puttaparthi in Bukkapatnam and he was also instrumental in building two lakes in Puttaparthi area.
The emergence of Lingam was a big news for Puttaparthians and the media from all over the state came here to cover the news. The archeological director was also called to check the Shivalingam. The primary investigation confirms that that lingam was of 17 th century and the Archeological director also didn’t write off the possibility of a temple some where closer by this place.


Devotees were queuing up to see this lingam. many offered Milk, Ghee and other offerings as abhishekam and there were also high profile visitors from the ashram to see this lingam..The flower and coconut vendors who usually sell near Ganesh gate shifted to this new place and it was totally a festive atmosphere around the Lingam place. The auto rickshaw drivers were all driving up and down with devotees to this place..


The upper part of the lingam was detachable and many pandits are of the opinion that since the upper part was removed, it needs to be installed in a better place and a puja is to be done to get the power back into the Lingam..

With pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Lord, “Om Sai Ram”.