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My Dear Swami… Let me be your divine instrument…


Your Divine Hand has held mine,
even before I knew You…

You carried me into this world
in Your loving arms,
Then You entrusted me
to the care of another.
I cried out in anguish
for loss of Your shelter,
You tenderly wiped my tears
to soothe my fears.

Your voice whispered gently,
“I am always by your side…”

All too soon I grew up
in this web of illusion,
Years of pain I endured,
to repay my karmic sins.
My eyes were blinded,
My ears deafened,
Had I seen Your face,
I would not know You.

Yet, Your loving Hand held on,
You did not let go…

Emptiness filled my soul,
Silent tears in solitude,
“Where are You, God?
Help me to find You!”
Then quietly You came,
As a thought in my mind,
“If I trust in Him totally,
He will heal me.”
Your Divine Hand guided me,
to Your Lotus Feet…

Speak to me, dear Lord,

Tell me what to do.
Let this be my final journey
so I may merge with You.
“Hear Me in your thoughts,
Seek Me within,
Feel Me in your heart,
For I am you.”

Let my hands be Yours, dear Swami,
Let me be Your Divine instrument…