Mr. V. Mohan Babu (35), an agriculturist, shares a few of his experiences:

‘Around 1995, I shifted from my native village Narayanapeta to Kosigi where I first heard about Bhagavan.

Some devotees from Kosigi were going to Prasanthi Nilayam for darshan of Bhagavan. It was in 1994. They took me with them. We went there during Sivarathri festival.

As I saw the arrangements made for thousands of devotees, I was amazed. I had not seen the like earlier. At that time, Sai Kulwanth Hall was in finishing stages. I felt that my life would be wasted if I did not get the opportunity to touch the Divine feet of Bhagavan. That prompted me to join bhajans and also seva. I came for seva for the 70th Birthday in 1995.

Swami used to give pada namaskar after the seva period. We sat for pada namaskar in the lines. Swami was coming. I was surcharged with emotion. When Swami came and stood in front of me, I forgot myself. Tears were rolling down my cheeks. The ever compassionate and loving Sai stood in front of me and placed His hand on my head by way of blessing. He went on caressing my head – I don’t know, how long! Time stood still for me. He materialised akshatas and sprinkled on my head. I took pada namaskar. Since then, I have been coming for seva every year.

I happened to see my wife-to-be on a Thursday. By Swami’s grace, I married her the following Thursday!

In 2003, I was given seva at the birthplace of Bhagavan where a temple for Siva has been built. Mr. Bhatt, the priest, asked me one day, ‘how many children do you have?’

‘Newly married’ I replied.

‘You are doing seva to Bhagavan’ he remarked, ‘He will surely bless you with children. Come next year with your son’.

I thought Swami was blessing me, in the guise of the priest. True to his word, I was blessed with a son. We came to Prasanthi Nilayam with the newborn for Gurupurnima the next year.

Once I thought about the good fortune of talking to Bhagavan, and wondered if I would ever have such luck in my life.

After a few days, I had a dream in which Bhagavan had called me for interview. The dream was so realistic that I enjoyed the bliss of going through the interview as if it had taken place in real life.’

— Mr. V. Mohan Babu



Mr. D. Mohan (57), DTP operator and printer, shares a few of his experiences:

‘After meddling with starting a journal for children and doing DTP work, I finally settled down in 1977 in Delhi as an employee in a DTP and printing firm. Later, I set up my own business.

I have been hearing about Bhagavan for a long time. I have also read much about His life and messages. But as I was devoted to Lord Balaji, I felt inhibition to place Sri Sathya Sai Baba in the place of Balaji in those days. In fact, I lost many opportunities to have darshan of Bhagavan earlier. I was in Chennai for a long time, but did not attend any darshan session of Bhagavan there. In those days, Bhagavan used to come frequently to Chennai. Once in 1972, I came to Anantapur on some work, but could not avail the opportunity to visit Prasanthi Nilayam. However, I always regarded Bhagavan with reverence and used to pray to Him whenever I was in trouble. The response was also prompt.

In around 1977, I had a feeling that Swami and Balaji are one and the same. Since then, my faith in Bhagavan has been complete.

In 1984, my son Chandra Kumar went away from the house without informing us. We felt anxious for his safety. I used to pray to Bhagavan intensely. Once I broke down and wept before the photograph of Bhagavan. Next day, I found him returning to our house, and I made pranams in my mind gratefully to Swami.

The same year I was coming with copies of some book on Bhagavan we were printing then, when the door of a lorry opened suddenly and hit me. As I was coming speedily, I fell down and copies of the book I was carrying were scattered all over. By Swami’s grace, I escaped with minor bruises. The saving aspect was that there was no speeding traffic from behind.

In 1985, we were printing the book on Swami, ‘Nara Narayana Guhaasramam’. I was coming on scooter on an urgent errand speeding at 70 kmph. Suddenly I noticed a stone by the side of the divider. A lorry was coming by my side. So, I could not swerve to a side lest I should be run over by the lorry. I tried to apply brakes in vain, and hit the stone and fell on the road. The lorry passed by my side without running over me, but there was a bus coming from behind. The driver applied sudden brakes. The bus came to a scratching halt just within inches from me. I suffered no fracture but only a few injuries. As I lay on the road bleeding helplessly, a hand was trying to lift me up. I found a Sikh gentleman trying to help me on to my feet. He was coming behind in his car, noticed the accident and came forward to help. In Delhi, usually, no one bothers about accidents or victims of accidents. They simply move on. But this gentleman took me in his car to his office, got my injuries attended to and arranged to drop me at my office besides arranging to collect my scooter. I took it to a mechanic. ‘Whoever was riding on this must have died on the spot’ the mechanic remarked as he looked at the wreck I brought to him, ‘it is so badly damaged!’ ‘I was riding over it when the accident took place’ I said. ‘Only God saved you’ the mechanic said in amazement. True, Bhagavan, the God-Incarnate saved me.

In 1988 or 1989, I don’t remember the correct period, my wife Mrs. Rukmini had severe chest-pain. We showed her to several doctors, had many tests done, but the cause could not be diagnosed. We were praying to Bhagavan. We have a brass Ganesh in our house. One day, I performed abhishekam to it, when a red rudraksha emanated from it. That night, Swami appeared to my wife in the dream. ‘Do abhishekam to rudraksha’ Swami told her, ‘and take abhisheka jalam as theertham for three days’. She did likewise. Her chest-pain disappeared in three days without trace.

I came to Prasanthi Nilayam in August 1989 for seva. I bought one photograph of Swami’s lotus feet. I spread it before me in the sevadal line seated for padanamaskar and prayed to Bhagavan in my mind to bless it by placing His feet on the photograph. But Swami put His toe only on the photograph and moved on. I took padanamaskar, but forgot to give Swami a letter I wrote. I again prayed to Him kindly to take the letter. Swami came again to me, took the letter and blessed me. After Swami left, I took the photograph, which I felt was wet. I looked around to see if any one sprinkled any water. But there was no water with any one. One of the sevadal sitting by my side said, ‘Swami gave you amrit. It is not water’. I was immensely happy to receive His Charanamrit.

Afterwards many miracles happened in our house. Vibhuti and kumkum began to emanate from His photograph. Occasionally, amrit also was oozing. Once we kept a few fruit (sapotas) before His photograph. When we saw next morning, one or two of them were totally hollow meaning that the contents were consumed by Bhagavan.

Once we kept a water melon. Swami ate it and kept the seeds in the corner of the place neatly.

Once I had bleeding of my nose. I did not go to any doctor but applied vibhuti only. The bleeding stopped in a few seconds.

In 1995, I took a medallion with Aum and lingam on it, and sat in the darshan line. Swami came and put His hand on it and blessed.

In 2000, we bought a house-site and placed the documents at the feet of Bhagavan. Next day, we found vibhuti on the second sheet (document). When we placed the house plan at the lotus-feet, pasupu and kumkum emanated thereon.

In 2000, I performed the marriages of our two sons in one month. When we placed the wedding clothes in pooja, there appeared pasupu and kumkum on them. During the marriages, we kept a life size photograph on the stage in the marriage pandal. During the marriages, amrit emanated from it as a mark of Swami’s benevolent presence.

In 1996, I was in darshan line at Prasanthi Nilayam. Swami came along and asked ‘what do you want?’ I said ‘vibhuti’. ‘I will give’ said Swami, and said so three times and moved on. He did not give me any. I was puzzled as well as a little unhappy about Swami not giving vibhuti. I opened Sanathana Sarathi and my attention was drawn to a sentence which stated that ‘vibhuti also means aiswarya (prosperity)’. From that day, our financial position has improved and there has been no looking back for me.

In 2002, the marriage of my third son Jaya Kumar took place. It was only after receiving clearance from Bhagavan that he agreed to marry. Bhagavan told him ‘santhosham (happy)’ when he mentioned to Swami about his intention to marry, and took a letter from him.

My wife intensely prayed to Bhagavan to show her some sign of His presence at the wedding. At the time of the marriage, a lotus flower put on Swami’s photograph fell down on its own when my wife was looking at it.

We used to conduct medical camps. One day a lady brought her two months old child to the camp. The head of the child was full of boils. I gave her vibhuti of Swami while doctors gave some ointment. She came to the camp again after a few days. The boils were completely cured, and hair also grew on her head to the delight of all.

In another camp, a person who was bitten long back by a stray dog was brought to us with symptoms of hydrophobia and fever. Doctors said, ‘there is no cure for this’. However they gave some medicines. I put vibhuti of Bhagavan in his mouth and gave him a packet of vibhuti. At once, there was sweating, and the temperature came down to normal in a few minutes. Later, we were told that he was completely cured of the disease with vibhuti only. There are several instances known to me where smokers have given up smoking by taking vibhuti whenever they felt the urge to smoke. A few alcoholics have given up drinking by taking vibhuti.

In 2005, we went to Kedarnath. One of the carriers of dollies was having fever. I gave him a little vibhuti. In a few minutes, he was all right owing to Swami’s grace.’

— Mr. D. Mohan


Mr. L. Prasada Rao (62), who retired as Deputy Manager (Mines), Hindustan Copper Ltd, narrates a few of his experiences:

‘I was going to places of pilgrimage with family availing leave travel concession in 1987 when I happened to touch Prasanthi Nilayam also. As I had no idea of things at Prasanthi Nilayam, I wanted to be for one day here. But after coming here and having darshan, I was so impressed by the environment of peace and spirituality reigning here that I stayed here for 6 days. I returned to Visakhapatnam happily, completing my tour. I later retired from service, and shifted from Jamshedpur where I was working then to Visakhapatnam where I bought a house and settled down.

In 2004, we were considering alliances for my daughter, Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi. There were two alliances, both from the USA. Of the two, I had some preference to the alliance from Vizag district, to the one from Hyderabad. In July that year, Sri Sathya Sai Vrathams were performed in our Sai mandir. I took part in it. At that time I made a sankalpa. ‘Swami! If the Vizag district alliance is settled for my daughter, I will come to Prasanthi Nilayam and have your darshan!’

In December 2004, the boy from Vizag district was coming to see the bride. I was doing Ramaraksha Stotram as a vow observing the strict discipline of sleeping on the floor, etc. On December 16, I had a dream in the early hours. Swami appeared to me in His bright ochre robe. He was moving His hand in His characteristic gesture. The dream ended. I opened my eyes. I was pleasantly stunned to find Swami standing before me in the same posture as he had appeared to me in the dream. This was neither a dream nor my hallucination. He was right in front of me physically.

After a few seconds, He disappeared. Owing to His grace, the alliance was settled. The date for wedding was fixed very close-by. I had no money except a few thousands. Sri Sathya Sai devotees of our area rallied behind me. They literally carried out all the marriage arrangements and did service in such a way that not even my kith and kin would have helped me thus. I sent a fax to Bhagavan on the day the muhurtham for the marriage was fixed. We all went to Prasanthi Nilayam to submit to Bhagavan the first wedding invitation card. My daughter sat in darshan line on the morning of December 29. Swami did not take the card. She sat in the evening, too. Swami did not take it. She sat with the card again in the next morning praying to Bhagavan internally. Swami was entering from the ladies side in His car, which was open on sides. He looked at my daughter straight into her eyes as He was entering Sai Kulwanth Hall. When the car was nearing the place where my daughter sat, He stretched His hand smiling benevolently and took the card from her. We returned happily. The marriage took place excellently, without any hitch, owing to His grace.’

— Mr. L. Prasada Rao


Mr. Rao K. Garuda (63), President and CEO, Associated Concepts Agency Inc., USA, shares a few of his experiences:

‘I am grateful to my wife, Mrs. Radha Garuda, M.D., for bringing with her Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba into my heart and life after our wedlock in January 1969. Since I began to learn more and more about His glorious life and message, I have been experiencing His grace in every turn in my life. I have always been thinking of what I could do to make Bhagavan happy as a measure of gratitude for all that He has been doing for all of us.

In 1986, I had a dream in which I saw Bhagavan very clearly as if in real life. ‘Your parents are not happy at Visakhapatnam’ Bhagavan told me, ‘make them happy. That will make me happy’. My father distributed his business among his four sons. He did not keep anything for him. I contacted him, and arranged to get a new house bought for him on the beach road where both my parents could lead a peaceful and comfortable life. After that I had another dream. Swami visited my parents in their new home in that dream. I had not seen that house till then. I saw it only in the dream with Swami. Swami then turned to me beaming with His Divine smile.

I rang up my father that I wanted to go to Prasanthi Nilayam and he, too, wanted to come with me for darshan of Bhagavan. Therefore, I came to India and took my father with me to Prasanthi Nilayam. We got token No.1 and could sit in the front line. This was in 1987. When we go to a superior, it is customary to go in formal and full dress. So I wore a blue suit with a tie. May be I looked odd man out. Swami came to my father and me. He pulled His sleeve up, turned His palm downwards making circular movement with it, and materialised vibhuti and gave my father and me. ‘Chesuko (take pada namaskar)’, He told my father. We both took pada namaskar.

I had a letter with me. Swami took my letter. In that letter I asked Him five questions. Swami did not open the letter, but then and there answered all my five questions one by one in the same order in which I had written them in my letter guiding me what to do on each. One interesting and amazing thing was that Bhagavan gave me darshan as Lord Siva when I saw Him walking towards us. I was a devotee of Lord Venkateswara, but Bhagavan gave darshan as Siva, may be, to emphasize His Siva-shakti aspect or to assert that Siva and Kesava are one and the same. Incidentally, I was named Sivakesava Rao originally.

My son was studying in the Medical School at Akron, 50 miles from Cleveland. Once my wife and I wanted to go to his hostel, pick him up and take him for dinner with us. That day, there was snowfall. The road was covered with snow. As I was taking a turn, my car skidded. I cried ‘Sairam’ three times in total helplessness as the car got out of control. Then the car came to a halt on the road very miraculously after 20 feet without going astray. We were saved by Bhagavan. ‘Now I understand’ my son told me, ‘why you are so attached to Baba’.

In 1991, I had been to New York to see one of my clients. He is Bhagavan’s devotee. We all went to a Chinese vegetarian restaurant and had dinner. During dinner, we discussed his investments. He put all his money only in real estate. ‘Why keep all eggs in one basket?’ I told my client, ‘better diversify your investments’. ‘I will follow your advice’ my client told me, ‘if Bhagavan indicates thus to me’. Meanwhile, the waiter brought us ‘fortune cookie’ that contains a message for each diner. I opened my message which read: ‘It is ok to put all eggs in one basket, and keep an eye on the basket’. I was amazed and felt happy at the spontaneous response of Bhagavan.

In 2005 (this year), four hurricanes struck the American continent. I own an apartment in Palm Beach, Florida, which was devastated time and again because of the hurricanes. Mine is on the 5th floor of a five storied building. The impact of hurricane will be usually on the high side as we go up. So I phoned up the manager of the apartment about the damage caused to my flat. He went round, inspected and rang me back. What he told me is, indeed, amazing. The apartment was spread from north to south. The thick concrete roof was ripped open from the southern side, and rose up to the force of the hurricane, as a table cloth rises up to the force of wind. The damage occurred to the building was devastating. But the stunning miracle is that my flat remained untouched and safe without any damage amidst that horrible scene of total devastation. I had put a photograph of Bhagavan in that apartment when I left it some time ago, and prayed to Bhagavan to protect it. And He did protect it.’

— Mr. Rao K. Garuda


God is present in everyone: Episode of Lakshmi bai Danghe (Shirdi Baba)

Shirdi Baba too taught wisdom on many occasions, in many ways using many examples. God is everywhere, present in every being. “Isa vaasya midam sarvam!” Meaning, God is present everywhere. Lakshmi Bai Danghe was a very rich lady. Though being affluent, she used to come to Shirdi and clean the ashram and serve the devotees coming to Shirdi.
One day seeing the opportunity, she fell at the feet of Shirdi Sai Baba. Baba said, “Lakshmi Bai, I am hungry.” Lakshmi Bai thought, “O Baba himself is asking me for food today, how I can bear it?” And asking Baba to wait for a while, she ran to her house to get some food. On the way she was sad, thinking, “I have been offering food to the photos of the Lord which do not ask for food and to the asking Lord I am unable to give food promptly!” So she went and quickly prepared some chapattis. In those days Baba used to eat well. He used to eat a pile of chapattis folding them into quarters and eating them in one go. So she made many chapattis and went to Baba and offered them in a plate. Baba on seeing them exclaimed, “Aha! They are very tasty!”

In the meanwhile a black dog came there wagging its tail. Baba called it near and the dog ate all the chapattis while He petted it. Lakshmi Bai Dongle was watching all this and said to Baba, “Baba what is this you do? You said you were hungry. I thought Lord himself is asking for food and prepared chapattis with love and reverence. Right in front of me you are offering the food to this dog. What sin have I committed? What fault lies in me? Did I have any bad thoughts while preparing these chapattis? I prepared these chapattis wholeheartedly and with love. Why are you insulting me thus? Is it justified?” In this way Lakshmi Bai talked to Baba with closeness as if she were talking to her father. Baba said, “Lakshmi Bai, sit down. I have eaten all the chapattis. My stomach is full.”

Lakshmi Bai said, “Baba, how do I believe you? I saw the dog eating all the chapattis before my very eyes and you say you have eaten them. How can I believe it?” Then Baba said, “Man can ask for food if he is hungry. Animals and birds cannot ask if they are hungry. They too have hunger but cannot express it. They too are the creation of the Lord. Hence isn’t it me who is eating when they eat? Do not think that this body alone is Baba. That dog too is Baba. This bird too is Baba. This buffalo here is also Baba. All the beings are Baba. ‘Isa vaasya midam sarvam’, God is everywhere. ‘Eshwara sarva bhootanam’ God pervades all the beings. Why are you limiting Baba who is present in all?

I made you cry thus because of your narrow ideas. Get rid of this narrow mindedness and broaden your vision. Hence, develop a broad mind. Whatever others may do take it as the will of the Divine. Think that whatever, good or bad, happens, happens for your good. It is proper when such good thoughts are fostered in the hearts of the devotees.”

Divine Discourse, 22 June, 1996
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Radio Sai Team


EVENT MANAGER – Experiences shared by Prof. Sathya Gourisankar

An Eye-witness Narration

-Prof. Sathya Gourisankar

The following narration is an account of Swami’s response to my father’s devotion. In this episode, I had the good fortune to be both a first-hand eye witness as well as an instrument of Swami. I am narrating the incidents exactly as they occurred.

It was the summer of 1992. I was employed as a scientist in a medical device company in USA. Along with my siblings in US, I invited my parents to visit us all for a few months. After much persuasion, they arrived in New York on 21st May 1992. I had meticulously planned a holiday cum sight-seeing trip for them over the next few months. Here is how my plan got revised by Swami’s “Master Plan”!

Four days after his arrival, my father developed urinary bleeding. I rushed him to the emergency room where they gave antibiotics and suggested I follow up with a urologist. Two days later, I took him to a urologist who performed tests and gave us the shocking news that my father had extensive bladder cancer all over, which required a major surgery. His visitor’s medical insurance could not cover it and it would be very expensive for us to pay out of pocket. After receiving the cancer diagnosis, my parents and I visited a nearby Krishna Temple, offered our prayers and sought the Lord’s help to deal with the crisis. We were too dazed and did not know how to go about dealing with this matter. One of our earliest reactions I can recollect is my mother writing a heartfelt letter addressed to Swami (dated around 4th June 1992) and mailing to my uncle (late Prof. A.N. Mohana Krishnan) who was then a faculty in Swami’s Management College at Prasanthi Nilayam. She merely mentioned the diagnosis, our family’s state of shock and asked if he could convey to Swami (if and when Swami might talk to him during Darshan) about our situation to seek His help. She felt that since he was a faculty in Swami’s college and had the privilege of the “Verandah Darshan,” there was a chance he could somehow convey her prayers to Swami in person! Following the mailing of this letter, we started to witness Swami take charge and a divinely orchestrated drama unfold with a series of inexplicable events, listed below as a timeline summary.

Event 1: (4th June 1992)

By a “chance” encounter, we got connected near our place in New Jersey, USA with an old family friend from our home town in India (Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh) where my father was a practising lawyer. It turned out that our friend (with whom we had lost touch) had become a urologist and was practising near our place of residence.

As soon as I contacted and told him about my father, he was very kind and asked us to see him right away. Following his examination, he told us the following: Yes, the diagnosis is that your father has bladder cancer which is both extensive as well as appearing to be of the highest stage of malignancy, perhaps even inoperable. He then mentioned to us he had specialized in that very area within the field of urology, namely, adult oncology, and was one of only a few experts who was trained in those days to perform a complex surgery known as “Radical Cysto-Prostatectomy”. He also sat down with my father in his clinic and strongly persuaded him to undergo this surgery in US as it could not be done in India where my father wanted to go back for treatment. Based on his comments, my father agreed to undergo the surgery in US and the date was set at 17th June 1992, with a number of pre-surgical procedures such as biopsies, ultrasounds, etc., being scheduled over the next few days. Since I was the principal instrument and “errand boy” of Swami in this episode, I was going through a hectic period trying to juggle between hospital visits, my job responsibilities and domestic situation. One of the first big issues for me to deal with was the huge medical expenses looming.

I had just received confirmation in writing that medical insurance coverage was denied citing it as a pre-existing condition for a visitor’s policy. Due to this, I had lost all hopes of insurance coverage and was scrambling to gather finances for handling this large commitment. At this time, around 8th June 1992, just a few days prior to the surgery, Swami came in my dream in the early hours and said the following exact words in English and disappeared: You proceed with the surgery; I will take care of the insurance. I woke up clearly recollecting every word in the dream. These dream words of Swami seemed too far-fetched and unreal then since insurance had already flatly denied coverage in writing to me. Therefore, I chose not to take the dream seriously and put it out of my mind.

Event 2: (16th June 1992)

On the day prior to surgery, i.e., 16th June 1992, I drove my father to the hospital for admission. After settling him in the room, I called home to receive the following surprise news from my wife. It seems, as I was driving to hospital, a gentleman by name, Mr. Mohammed, called from London and told my wife that the insurance company had decided to revise their original denial of coverage for my father’s surgery and now were going to cover the full expenses except for a small portion of the deductible costs as per the policy rules. When I heard this, my first reaction was she must have misheard or misunderstood because insurance industry would never of their own accord revise their denials which were made in writing and this must be a mistake which I should ignore. My wife then told me he also mentioned that he had sent a fax of this to the hospital and I could get it from the hospital records department. I now decided to check it out; so, I went to the records department of the hospital to ask if they had received such a fax. Lo and behold, they gave me a print out of the fax with the exact words spoken over the telephone by Mr. Mohammed to my wife! Until then or thereafter, I could never find or speak to a “Mr. Mohammed” from that company, try as much as I could!

Event 3: (17th June 1992)

The day of surgery dawned, 17th June 1992. My father was wheeled in at 8.30 a.m. The doctor told us that it was going to be a long surgery since it required the removal of prostrate and bladder and the creation of a new bladder from the small intestine. After ten hours of surgery, the doctor came out and told us that it went well and my father would be in ICU over the next few days. The first thing my father mentioned to us as soon as he gained consciousness was that he saw Swami standing around his bed, placing His hand on the surgical area and blessing him as he was coming out of anaesthesia! He then started to recover gradually and was in the hospital over the next two weeks, being attended upon by a multiple set of clinicians.

Within about a week following surgery, my mother received a response from my uncle in Prasanthi Nilayam to the letter she had written earlier about the surgery. It seems her letter to him got re-directed to Bengaluru where he was attending a Summer Course of Swami. On the day he received it, he took it for Darshan, was holding it in hand when Swami came straight to him and asked him to talk about the letter in detail and listened intently. It seems after my uncle explained the whole matter, Swami replied in acknowledgement that He knows it all, will take care and then He took the letter. It is remarkable that, on that very day and at the same time Swami talked to him, the surgery was happening in US without my uncle knowing about it!

Following the surgery, the biopsy samples which were sent to the laboratory came back with a stunningly surprising result for the medical community – the malignancy was nowhere near the advanced stage expected by the doctors; in fact, it was near benign! The surgeon was so startled at this result that he resent the pathology slides to another laboratory for confirmation and they also had the same conclusion. The surgical team then mentioned to us that this was the rarest case they had seen and were going to present and publish these results in a clinical meeting and journal!

Event 4: (July – 23rd November 1992)

In the next few months (July–September of 1992), we witnessed the recovery and improvement of my father’s health to a considerable extent and by early October of 1992, he was fit enough to travel across US and spend time with my siblings and relatives in other cities of USA. This was indeed a remarkable turnaround to witness over a four month period. Immediately following this major surgery, as is the customary ritual in USA, the patients and their families started receiving bills and invoices for medical expenses from a multitude of attending clinicians, support staff, hospitals and testing laboratories. Although I gained immense relief and joy at my father’s surgery going smoothly and his excellent recovery, I had to now face the next set of challenges in having to deal with the mounting paperwork and deadlines of medical bills and payments. At this stage also, I was sceptical if Swami’s improbable
sounding dream assurance on taking care of insurance was valid, whether the insurance company would really pay as promised, if “Mr. Mohammed’s fax” was genuine and so on! My doubts were based on the experiences many have had in dealing with the health insurance industry. As a trial, I began to forward the first set of bills and to my surprise, they got paid promptly. By the end of October 1992, all the clinicians and support staff were paid and only the hospital stay costs were now remaining. The insurance company asked me to request the hospital to forward the patient file to them for paying the hospital costs. I was often asking the hospital to send it over so I could wrap up this saga. After nearly three months of procrastination, I was told by the hospital of the following: they could not trace the file of my father; therefore, they were totally waiving all his hospitalization costs, and neither the insurance company nor I would be liable for any costs incurred.

I was once again stunned at this turn of events; so, I requested them to send this information in writing. I received the following letter on Swami’s 67th Birthday, dated 23rd November 1992, from the hospital:

“Due to internal hospital problems, we are unable to submit insurance carrier prior documentation required by your father, to them paying his hospital bill. Because of this problem, we will not hold your father responsible for the balance of $XXXX”.

I could not believe my eyes or ears at this stage. Here is a modern-day hospital with state-of-the-art computers and documentation systems, my father undergoes a major surgery involving three top-notch surgeons (two urologists and one rectal surgeon), he is hospitalised post surgery for about two weeks, undergoes a huge number of daily tests and procedures and his entire medical file is missing now!

Only then on 23rd November 1992 did it strike me that about five months earlier, when the whole surgery drama started to unfold, Swami had appeared in my dream and said in the clearest manner: “You proceed with the surgery, I will take care of the insurance”. How those so improbable sounding words of Swami of June 1992 came to be so true on His Birthday on 23rd November 1992, all in less than six months of high intensity drama scripted across the fields of surgery, science, healing and even insurance!

My father returned to India in March 1993 following the surgery. He lived in perfectly good health for a period of 18 years thereafter and passed away in 2010. Swami’s involvement in his end was also very evident – he passed away on 22nd November 2010, just a day prior to Swami’s 85th Birthday, on the most auspicious Karthika Somavar (Monday), in total ease and with absolutely no suffering.

This incident had a huge impact on me as a youngster journeying through life with scientific training and not quite accustomed to easily accepting anything outside the domains of reason, logic, facts and data. It taught me in a powerful way that there was more to life than the mere external world based on sensory experiences and that there was an “unseen” hand of God which was all important. Upon reflection after many years, I am left with a feeling of deep gratitude to Swami for taking care of our family in this episode and through many others with such indescribable love, affection and care!

Through this incident, Swami revealed to us that He is the greatest “Event Manager” and when He takes charge, it is the “Complete Package”, from beginning to end.

– A scientist by profession, the author is a Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, U.S.A. (published in Sanathana Sarathi, 23 October, 2017)


Dr. Agyeman (58), a leading Medical Practitioner, shares his experience:

‘Some colleagues in my profession held a medical camp in Ghana in 1985. ‘Would you care to join us’, they asked me ‘to serve the poor patients there?’ I gladly agreed. I was a non-vegetarian. In the flight to Ghana, we were all served only vegetarian food as per the instruction of the medical team. They are all vegetarians being the devotees of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. That is when I first learnt about Bhagavan. I too gave up non-vegetarian food from that day.

In 1986, I came to India with the same medical team. We visited a number of places including Shirdi. At that time Bhagavan was in Ooty. I had His darshan for the first time there. Before He came for darshan, I borrowed a book on Sri Shirdi Sai from someone in the darshan line. I gave it a cursory glance and returned it to the person from whom I borrowed it. After that Swami came to the place where we were seated. He touched me on my hand and blessed saying ‘good man, good heart!’ Suddenly He asked me, ‘where is the book?’ ‘Which book, Swami?’ I asked Him as I could not follow what He was driving at. ‘The book on Shirdi Baba’ Swami replied. All those present were in claps, amazed at His omniscience.

We were fortunate to get a group interview in which Bhagavan gave us many useful tips on conducting the medical camp.

In 1989, I came to Prasanthi Nilayam with my wife, Mrs. Mayfair and son, Earl Agyeman. We had darshan for three days daily, and moved to Brindavan after Swami went there. There also we spent about a week. One day, Mr. Frank, a devotee from Ghana who was with Bhagavan for 20 years, told me ‘pray intensely to Bhagavan. He will grant you whatever you want’. That night, I prayed to Bhagavan intensely to grant me interview. The next morning when we were in darshan line, Bhagavan came to me and said ‘go’, which meant going into the interview room.

During the interview, Swami looked at me and said, ‘good heart, good man! What do you do?’ ‘I am a doctor, Swami!’ I replied. ‘I know’ Swami added, ‘a doctor too can be a patient. You are going to London? Go, but look after yourself.’ We flew to Madras and then boarded a flight to London. At Kuwait, the plane stopped for an hour and took off. Till then, I was completely normal. No problem, at all. Then, I began to have stomach-ache. I went to the lavatory. I passed stool with blood. I had to go to the lavatory nearly seven times; each time the motion was bloody. It is malene in medical parlance. I don’t know how I reached home in London. By that time, I passed out completely. When I regained consciousness, I was in a hospital. Doctors, whose faces are familiar to me, were around my bed. What I had was the burst of an ulcer in the stomach. I was in the hospital for ten days. Later, I was discharged. Owing to Swami’s grace, it has not recurred.

Had I had the attack in India, I would have been asked to be in India. I do not know which hospital is good, could handle my case and what type of treatment I would have received. Besides, my insurance cover would not be applicable here. I would have had to meet all expenses on my own. Swami hinted at the possibility of my becoming ill (‘a doctor, too, may turn a patient’). Swami, out of His immense compassion and love, delayed the attack till I was past Kuwait on the last leg of my air journey from Madras. In one word, He gave me a new life.’

— Dr. Agyeman