The Great Night of Shiva – In the olden days

Shivarathri is one of the major festivals in Prashanti Nilayam that draw maximum assemblage of devotees and significantly it has valid reason, backing up the claim. Shivarathri in the olden days used to be completely different in style from the festivity that is celebrated today. Bhagawan would hoist the Prasanthi Flag atop the Prasanthi Mandir which would be followed by short discourses. Invariably, there used to be scholarly speeches by prominent personalities also who would talk on the significance of fasting, the night vigil and the worship that was laid down by the Sastras as obligatory on Shivaratri Day.

Get a glimpse of the festival of those days from this article from the archives entitled “The Great Night of Shiva”, first published on 12 Feb 2010. The article incorporates excerpts from past editions of Sanathana Sarathi and Sathyam Shivam Sundaram.



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