Blowing Holy Vibhuthi Ash from Mystic Mantra


Holy ash (Vibhuti) as a spiritual healing remedy

Use of Holy ash (Vibhuti)  is a very good and handy self-help spiritual healing remedy. It can be used routinely to gain positive energy as well as to get relief from distress from departed ancestors and ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.)

Applying Holy Ash:

The mid-brow region, palms, soles and heels of feet and front part of the crown of head are very sensitive from the perspective of imbibing positive and negative vibrations. Hence if these parts imbibe distressing vibrations or vibrations from ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.), we experience a lot of discomfort like headaches, confusion, restlessness, weakness etc. By applying Holy ash (Vibhuti) to these areas, we protect these sensitive and susceptible areas from attack by black energy of ghosts. The following subtle picture shows what happens when one applies Holy ash (Vibhuti) to the Aadnyaa Chakra at the mid-brow region.


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