Let’s Thank God: Every Living Being In This World

Every Living Being In This World Is Knowingly
Or Unknowingly On A Spiritual Pilgrimage

As we look around at the daily happenings in the world and observe the actions of human beings in all the various countries, it is hard to believe the above statement.  It becomes clear only when we consider the possibility that the vast majority of people are virtually asleep and, therefore, unaware of the true purpose of this life.

Many of the old teachers would attempt to awaken their students to the underlying meaning of this existence, often applying shock tactics to achieve their purpose.  We hear many tales of a master going so far as to slap a student to awaken him from his sleep.  Baba will sometimes use this shock method with His followers when He can sense that they are ready.  But life itself can awaken us, by providing problems, crises or heart-breaking events or experiences to alert us to the fact that there is more to life than just the maintenance of the body, satisfying the demands of the senses, propagation of the species, and all the other activities in which we are daily engaged.

So, at some time, we must wake up to the fact that there is more to life than maintaining our physical existence, and that we are inevitably on an inner journey from the personal everyday life with its many varied activities to the eventual goal of union with the real Self.

So, we are faced with the need for self-awareness to determine if our lives are being lived with this tenet in mind.  Are we once again wasting this opportunity we have been given to wake up and live consciously, instead of sleepwalking our way through, year after year, until this life ends and that chance is no longer available to us?  At death, we pass over into another dimension, only to return at an appropriate time and in conditions that offer yet another opportunity to wake up to the true purpose of this new life.  However, we will find that when we look around and see others living oblivious to the meaning of life, we may be tempted to follow their example and do the same.
(From : LET’S THANK GOD by Phyllis Krystal)
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