A very unique way of reciting Marathi Poetry and really I enjoyed a lot.  I would like to share this with you all… This Album has created unique history on stages in Pune, India and abroad.  It all started about six years ago when poet Sandeep Khare and music director Salil Kulkarni felt the need to do something different.

Music is here: http://music.pz10.com/album/20126/Ayushyavar%20Bolu%20Kahi-Salil%20Kulkarni.html

Music Lyrics: http://www.hindilyrics.net/marathi-lyrics/of-Ayushyawar%20Bolu%20Kahi.html

Entire Music Album: http://www.youtube.com/my_subscriptions?pi=0&ps=20&sf=added&sa=0&sq=&dm=2&s=BBUIuLwYUbA&as=1

Bringing back the glory to Marathi poetry and making it popular among the youth across the globe in present era, Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi (Let’s talk on Life), a programme of poetry recitation, has proven to be a hit amongst the generation next. With houseful flashing at every show, Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi has created a record of its own in the last six years.