Happy Vinayagar Chaturthi: Omsairam

“Aum Gam Ganapathaye Namaha”: Victoria’s Way is Ireland’s largest and most spectacular ” Sculpture Park”. Spread out over 22 acres, it contains 14 major black granite sculptures. The theme of Victoria’s Way a splendid journey, whereby the sculptures show stages of the path to self-completion and ultimate happiness. There is a meditation path for the spiritually inclined and a philosophic maze . Built as a place of recluse, the park, Victoria’s Way, is inspired by all that is spiritual in the modern sense of the word. The park offers a wonderful blend of the modern and the traditional. The world’s most unique Ganesh Sculpture collection in Victoria’s Way, Ireland has the sculptures in black granite, ranging in size from 5ft to 9 ft. The designer was D.V. Murugan, of Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India. Here is a peek of our Ganesha’s beauty and presence in Ireland.


Sweet Ganesh Playing Tabla..

Happy Ganesh

Happy Ganesh dancing..

Dancing Ganesh

Happy Ganesh Dancing..

Happy Ganesh

Happy Ganesh Playing Sitar..

Happy Ganesh

Happy Ganesh Playing a Flute..

Happy Ganesh

Happy Ganesh playing Trumpet..

Happy Ganesh

Happy Ganesh reading a book..

Happy Ganesh

Happy Ganesh on a veena where his mouse listens to his tune..

2Lord Ganesha with light falling from the setting sun.

Happy Ganesh

Chocolate Ganesha, 15,000 thousand chocolates were used to make this 7 1/2 ft Ganesha Idol.

Greeny Veggy Ganesha

Vegetable Ganesha, A Ganesha idol made with 1008 Kg of vegetables of 27 different types  in Chennai.

Happy Ganesh

Chaturbhuj Ganesha in Indonesia sitting on a Lotus, this time both his feet are clasped together.

♫♫”Maha Ganapathi’s happy face
Takes us to a cheerful place,
Where all the sadness
Turns into gladness
And troubles fade way…
Worries and fears dissipate
And happiness ensues…
So here’s a bunch of happy smiles”
Especially for you…keep smiling!!♫♫