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Love All – Serve All: Omsairam: Smiling!!



I have come to light the lamp of love in your hearts, to see that it shines day by day with added luster.


I have come not to disturb or destroy any faith, but to confirm each in his own faith – so that the Christian becomes a better Christian, the Muslim, a better Muslim, and the Hindu, a better Hindu.


There is only one religion, the religion of Love;

There is only one language, the language of the Heart;

There is only one caste, the caste of Humanity;

There is only one law, the law of Karma;

There is only one God, He is Omnipresent.


Start the Day with Love;

Spend the Day with Love;

Fill the Day with Love;

End the Day with Love;

This is the way to God.


Love in thought is Truth;

Love in action is Right Conduct;

Love in understanding is Peace;

Love in feeling is Non-Violence.


Honor all religions. Each is a pathway to God


You cannot see Me, but I am the Light you see by.

You cannot hear Me, but I am the Sound you hear by.

You cannot know Me, but I am the Truth by which you live.


The Lord will be watching with a thousand eyes the least activity of man to discover any slight trace of selfless love sweetening it.


Bear all and do nothing;

Hear all and say nothing;

Give all and take nothing;

Serve all and be nothing.


Make your life a rose that speaks silently in the language of the heart.


Hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

Learn to give, not to take. Learn to serve, not to rule.

The Grace of God is like insurance.

It will help you in your time of need without any limit.


Action with Love is Right Conduct.

Speak with Love and it becomes Truth.

Thinking with Love results in Peace.

Understanding with Love leads to non-violence.

Yesterday has deceived you and gone, tomorrow is a

doubtful visitor. Today is a fast friend, hold fast to it.


Wealth that you hoard is not yours, wealth that you

have given is really yours.


Your virtue is your shield, your vice is the weapon

that inflicts wounds on you.


If there is righteousness in the heart,

There will be beauty in the character.

If there is beauty in the character,

There will be harmony in the home.

When there is harmony in the home,

There will be order in the nation.

When there is order in the nation,

There will be peace in the world.


Children of Immortality! Remember that You are created in My Image  and Likeness. Perfect. Live up to this Image in all planes. Live like Masters! Walk this Earth with Your Heads held high, Your Spirits soaring, Your Hearts open to Love, and believe in Yourself and GOD with You.  Then all will go well. See Me everywhere, talk to Me and Love Me who is in Each. Then from Each I will respond and bring You into Glory.

“Om Sai Ram”

Urumi/Pampai Instrument:

Urumi :
Physical Description The urumi is a double-headed hour-glass shaped drum. Two skin heads are attached to a single hallow, often intricately carved wooden shell. The preferred wood is jackwood, although other wood may be used. Both left and right heads are usually made from cow hide that is stretched around a thin metal ring (sometimes lizard skin is used for the right head). The outer circumference of each head is perforated with approximately seven to eight holes. The two heads are held in tension by a continuous rope that is woven around the drum in a V-shape pattern. Additional small coils of string or metal are tied around each pair of ropes near the left head. These coils can be slide horizontally along the length of the drum, increasing or decreasing the tension between the heads as necessary. For example, during the monsoon season the drum heads will slacken so much that the instrument becomes unplayable. Using these coils drummers can easily rectify such problems.
Technique The urumi is slung with a cloth strap across the shoulder and played by the drummer horizontally. This simple harness allows the drummer to play standing or walking. The urumi is played entirely with sticks. There are five basic sounds that can be played on the drum: an “open sound” produced by striking the right head, a deep resonant “moaning” sound produced by striking the right head while simultaneously rubbing the left head with the edge of a long curved stick, a bent “talking drum-like” tone in which the right head is stuck while the left hand squeezes and releases the rope holding the heads together, and two closed (non-pitched) sounds produced by striking and pressing/muting with the left and right stick respectively. Castor oil is often applied to the left head in order to facilitate the drummer’s ability to produce the “moaning sound” described above.
As an aural tradition, Tamil Folk music does not have a codified system of written notation. Musicians learn through years of unconscious absorption, conscious listening, imitation, and practice.
History and Performance Context: The urumi is a folk instrument typically played by Dailts (formerly known as untouchables). This drum is widely believed to posses supernatural and sacred powers. When played in religious ceremonies and processions, the performance of specific beats on the urumi may induce spirit possessions. The urumi is most often performed in two types of ensembles: the urumi melam and the naiyanti melam. Urumi melam ensembles usually consist of a melodic instrument, the double-reed nagasvaram, a pair of double headed drums called pampai, and one to three urumi drums. This type of ensemble is associated exclusively with funerals and other inauspicious occasions. The naiyanti melam is the most common type of folk ensemble associated with ritual and dance. A typical naiyanti melam is composed of two double-reed nagasvaram, one or two tavils (barrel drums), a tamukku (kettle drum played with leather straps), a pambai, and an urumi. It performs for a number of festive occasions including dance-dramas, menstruation ceremonies, weddings, harvest festivals, and staged folk dances such as poikkal kudirai (dummy horse dance), mayil attam (peacock dance), puli attam (tiger dance), kavadi attam (a devotional dance to Lord Muragan) and many others. The urumi may also be heard on commercial recordings of film soundtracks and popular folk music.

List of web 2.0 projects:

Found this awesome list at

i give due credit to the guys who put this together..

i dont intend to steal ur content ;) but dont want such stuff to get lost :D

  1. Sponge Cell �?????? the absorbful calendar
  2. Hula Project – a calendar whose goal is to be fun and easy to use
  3. Kiko – a new kind of online calendar
  4. Trumba – an Online Calendar for Groups, Schools, Churches, and Family
  5. eskobo – a Ajax desktop
  6. Mayomi – used for mind mapping
  7. Pageflakes – Ajax Desktop
  8. Vimeo – upload and share Videos
  9. Skobee – where friends come together to make plans
  10. Shadows – Tag, comment, and rate your favorite web pages.
  11. Gravee – a aew approach to search
  12. YouTube – Broadcast yourself. Watch and share your videos worldwide!
  13. Zimbra – a web based outlook/iCal/Thunderbird application
  14. Furl – a web site where you can store information about web sites you visit
  15. Smumug – The ultimate in photo sharing
  16. NewsGator – an RSS aggregator
  17. Blogniscient – the Bird�??????s Eye View of the Blogosphere
  18. TinFinger – the human search engine
  19. Shutterfly – an online photo service
  20. mefeedia – the best place to find free videoblogs or video podcasts
  21. PodDater – a new way to find a friend or a date
  22. Feedster – search engine with tagging and a RSS Reader
  23. Favoor – your personalised start page
  24. Planzo – an online calendar that makes planning your day simple
  25. Zazzle – let�??????s you create customized products, ranging from tshirts to stamps
  26. Tailrank – finds the best content from thousands of blogs
  27. TagWorld – like Flickr, socializes your photos, but it goes well beyond.
  28. Nuvvo – learn something new
  29. Dogear – better bookmarking
  30. Yakalike – Yak about the sites you visit
  31. Grouper – browse and share videos
  32. Oddpost – web-based email and news aggregation
  33. Qoop – is all about users creating content and selling products
  34. iNods – aggregates blog and other edge review content and displays it in a centralized way
  35. Lulu – publish and sell worldwide
  36. rBloc – the agora for the new millenium. Selling, buying, meeting, thinking
  37. BlockRocker
  38. Blish – the easiest place to buy or sell digital content
  39. Flagr – share all your favorite venues
  40. FireAnt – delivers a rich media experience through a simple to use
  41. Simple Hired – jow search made easy
  42. veoh -internet television peercasting network
  43. theadcloud – classified ads in your own way
  44. Gather – a social news site that allows user to submit content and generate a revenue share based on activity on the site
  45. Agatra – secure online password storage
  46. Browsr – people powered directory
  47. Oyogi – searchable question-and-answer site
  48. CafePress – Create, Buy & Sell Unique Gifts
  49. Renkoo – an event/calendaring application
  50. StandPoint – a social encyclopedia of belief
  51. Pixagogo – Share photos online – unlimited storage
  52. Meebo – chat using ICQ, MSN, YAHOO or GTalk at the same time
  53. Extratasty – Get your booze on!
  54. – the social music revolution
  55. Jotspot – secure wiki hosting
  56. Frappr – create a map for your group
  57. Jeteye – search, package and share the digital world
  58. Dabble DB – friendly and powerful way to share, manage and explore your information
  59. Yedda – matching people with questions and people with answers
  60. Writeboard – Collaborative writing software online
  61. – internet news for the masses
  62. iKarma – all the tools you need to document and promote your reputation
  63. Kanoodle – provides targeted sponsored links
  64. AirSet – Shared Online Calendars, Contacts and Lists for your
  65. tech.memeorandum – exploring the convergence of daily life and technology
  66. CalendarHub – Web Calendars
  67. SuprGlu – gluing your life together.
  68. pando – a tiny app that lets you email any size file or folder
  69. Zigtag – personal internet librarian
  70. Findory – a personalized newspaper that learns from the news you read
  71. Backfence – captures community knowledge and makes it available to all
  72. Clipmarks – clip and tag whatever you find on the web
  73. Wayfaring – great new Google Maps application that allows you to build your own Google Map
  74. gOFFICE – free web office suite home page
  75. AllPeers – share exactly what you want with exactly who you want!
  76. Orb – takes the home out of home entertainment!
  77. Rallypoint – Online Collaboration
  78. Zoozio – an ajax desktop
  79. Blogbeat – real time blog analytics
  80. Ziggs – search for people
  81. Zoto – Photo Hosting
  82. vSocial – the video clip sharing community
  83. Boltfolio – Online Portfolio
  84. Wink – search the web
  85. Riya – Photo Search
  86. AudibleWordcast – podcasting management.
  87. Opinity – build your online personal reputation
  88. reddit – what�??????s new online
  89. Measure Map – blog statistics
  90. gumshoo – free eBay search
  91. bluepulse – mobile internet services
  92. IMVU – the world�??????s greatest 3D instant messenger
  93. Streamload MediaMax – store, organize, access, and share media
  94. Ta-da List – to do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable
  95. Feedsky – search blogs
  96. JellyBarn INC – photo sharing
  97. Native Text
  98. Congoo – a premium content search engine
  99. PODZINGER – unleashes the content within audio
  100. RSS MAD – the most surfer friendly internet content aggregator
  101. FeedTierRSS web feed generator
  102. Phanfare – Better online photo and video albums
  103. Wikipedia – the free encyclopedia
  104. Fruitcast – podcast advertising
  105. Pubsub – search the future
  106. – create polls and vote for free
  107. Flickr – photo sharing
  108. Ning – create your own web apps
  109. Ookles
  110. – Secure File Storage and Sharing
  111. ZoomInfo – enhances people search
  112. Castpost – broadcast your video & audio clips
  113. Associated Content – the ultimate information and content exchange for media
  114. YubNub – a �?????command line for the web�????
  115. Bloop
  116. ProjectSpaces – makes team collaboration simple
  117. FeedBurner – point your feed here and they�??????ll do the rest.
  118. Bloglines – A web-based personal news aggregator
  119. purevolume�???� – We�??????re Listening To You
  120. Fotolog – a great online community of interconnected photo-weblogs
  121. Ourmedia – the goal is to expose, advance and preserve digital creativity at the

    grassroots level

  122. – why digg when you can gabb?
  123. Gcast – make your voice heard.
  124. Blinkx – search for video
  125. Openomy – store files online
  126. Riffs – your social recommender
  127. ajchat – a simple ajax chat system
  128. Spot Runner – put your business on TV
  129. Myspace – meet people from your area in the country
  130. News AlloyRSS Reader, Blog Reader
  131. – unlimited free storage
  132. Chatsum – a free add-on for your web browser that lets you chat
  133. Pandora – find music you�??????ll love
  134. LookLater – instant searchable bookmarks
  135. 30 Boxes – created for people looking for a robust yet simple social calendar
  136. Blogger – create your blog Now
  137. Jambo – a peer to peer personal area matching technology design to let people
  138. Rollyo– roll your own search engine
  139. Alexa – web search
  140. Squishr – coming soon
  141. Webjay – playlist community
  142. Plazes – a grassroot approach to location-aware interaction
  143. Noodly – a new service harnessing the power of user-generated content
  144. Wondir – ask or answer questions on all topics
  145. Diigo – Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff
  146. Protopage – AJAX start page with RSS news
  147. blummy – the bookmarklet management bookmarklet
  148. Jots – a collaborative bookmarking system
  149. Xdrive – Secure Online Storage
  150. Vizu – interactive polls
  151. Digg – THE DIGG
  152. – a social bookmarks manager
  153. Omnidrive – what you expect hosted storage to be
  154. AlmondRocks – one of the fastest blog readers in the world.
  155. Tagyu – Your tags, smarter
  156. – home to the 30 gigabyte webmail service
  157. Writely – free web word processor
  158. Simpy – tagging, social bookmarking and personal search engine
  159. Gtalkr – allows you to go anywhere and have access to your Google

    Talk account

  160. Truveo – video search
  161. egoSurf – ego surfing without the guilt.
  162. Mozy – Remote Backup, its free, automatic and secure.
  163. Quimble – Polls done right
  164. Basecamp – a web-based tool that lets you manage and track projects
  165. Pegasus News – a new, local media venture
  166. Remember The Milk – he easiest and best way to manage your to-do lists online
  167. Squidoo – create your own lens
  168. – create your free picture cloud now.
  169. NewsVine – social bookmarking and news site
  170. – find great deals from the best websites on the
  171. Lexxe – a 3rd generation search engine
  172. Lookster
  173. PXN8.COM – photos made easy
  174. Netvibes – personal news aggregator with RSS and Atom support
  175. Facebook – an online directory that connects people through social networks
  176. MyVideoKaraoke – the online video music clips arcade
  177. Goowy – a rich experience site which helps you manage your digital lifestyle
  178. Yelp – real people, real reviews
  179. Smarkets – stock markets for products
  180. Inform – a free online tool that will revolutionize how people read news on the web
  181. Magnolia – content management suite
  182. 43things – social tagging
  183. ShoZu – the simplest, quickest and smartest way to share pictures
  184. Technorati – searches weblogs by keyword and for links
  185. Platial – your collaborative atlas
  186. Gmail – webbased mail service from Google
  187. feedmarker – a free, web based bookmarker and newsreader with tagging
  188. Mercora – music search and internet radio network
  189. StumbleUpon – a free web-browser extension for discovering and sharing web sites
  190. ClipShack – video for the online world
  191. �?????? A great idea for meetings, parties, friends
  192. HomePortals – mix, modify and share
  193. SpinSpy – social news network

Part 2

  1. LifeLogger – a great way to keep things that matter to you alive and sparkling, for FREE!
  2. RateItAll – includes contributed reviews of products, people, and travel destinations.
  3. Kaboodle, a free LAN-management application
  4. GiveMeaning– Mark a special occasion or event by buying a tax-deductible GiveMeaning card
  5. – Play with your friends!
  6. Prosper – an online community for person to person lending
  7. Amazon�??????s Mechanical Turk – Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers. And, get paid for it.
  8. Orkut – an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends
  9. Multiply�??????s exclusive live replies turn your content into fun, lively discussions.
  10. Readio – converts RSS-feeds to MP3 files
  11. NewsIsFree – Your Personal News Portal
  12. Citadel – a different kind of messaging and collaboration platform
  13. Blogdigger – an RSS Search Engine
  14. Loomia – a podcast and videocast search engine plus much more
  15. Weblogs, Inc. – Blog network
  16. Browster – Fastest Way to Browse
  17. WikiMatrix – compare the features of various popular Wiki engines in comfortable side-by-side tables
  18. – mobile social software
  19. Odeo – Record and Share Audio
  20. MyProgs – find new software, keep your program list online
  21. Zoho – Affordable software for individuals, small & medium business
  22. V4S �?????? Free Web Voice Messaging
  24. YackPack – simple, web-based voice messaging for groups
  25. Plum – Collect, share, and connect your world
  26. Wallop – share photos, blog, and interact with your friends.
  27. coComment – clear conversation in the blogosphere
  28. Xmail Hard Drive – Use Gmail as a hard drive
  29. ButterFly
  30. RawSugar – an annotated collection of tagged webpages
  31. eMessenger – web based messaging
  32. Bitty – the little browser that goes on any Web page
  33. Seekum – Developed by thought, not code
  34. Dropcash – It�??????s a simple way to organize a fundraiser
  35. The Form Assembly – Create and Process State-of-the-Art Web Forms
  36. MyBlogLog – Know what makes your readers click
  37. FeedLounge – The Premium Web-based Feed Reader
  38. – The Weblog Community
  39. – Free Image Hosting
  40. STICKAM – All-in-one Multimedia Communication Tool
  41. openBC – your key to the right people at the right time.
  42. ZoomTags – an advanced extension of eListas, that, along with the email group capabilities, offers advanced blog, social networking and trading tools
  43. AidPage – People Aid People
  44. ClickCaster – Create your own free radio show or podcast
  45. Zingee�???� – Really Simple Sharing
  46. Wists – social shopping
  47. Sharpcast – brings your computer, your mobile phone and the web into perfect harmony
  48. CalendarHub – Web Calendars (mentioned in part 1 too)
  49. Blinksale – The easiest way to send invoices online
  50. – digg / slashdot / popular
  51. GooTodo – To Do List
  52. YouSendIt – File transfer and email service.
  53. Spy Media – first news photo marketplace for everyone
  54. 8by1 – Wishlist for Your World
  55. Sproutit – Hosted email management exclusively for small businesses
  56. Weblogs Work – makes it simple for your organization to use blogs and other online tools
  57. Qumana – blog editor and blogging tools
  58. 43Places – social travel site
  59. – The News is Now Public
  60. SimpleTicket – Open Source Trouble Ticket System for Businesses
  61. Windows Live – ajax desktop
  62. VideoEgg -a browser plug-in that makes it easy capture, edit, encode and post videos online
  63. Clusty – the Clustering Engine
  64. ispott – mobile scavenger hunt game played with cell phone cameras
  65. ThePort Network – offers a turn-key hosted solution
  66. – Text Message Your Reminders for Free
  67. Megite – Technology News
  68. Yellowikis – Open Business Listings
  69. Rrove – social bookmark service for locations. Save Locations, Discover Places
  70. Six Apart – Makers of weblog software and services for individuals
  71. Bryght – a content and community management system that allows you to create and maintain a dynamic website.
  72. – Snip, store and share anything you like
  73. Joyent -offers simple, powerful, web-based software that provides small teams with email, calendars, contacts, and shared applications
  74. Muiso a new music companion service for you
  75. NewsMob – Mobile aggregator that can work with both Palm and Pocket PC browsers.
  76. Wikispaces – A place where you can easily build web pages together with other people
  77. Skype – Peer to peer voice service
  78. Chuquet – listens for the buzz.
  79. Talkr -allows people to listen to text-only blogs. Talkr podcasts the blogs.
  80. Rojo – �?????RSS with mojo�???? the best feed reader
  81. – Online Photo Sharing
  82. Campaign Monitor – email newsletter and list management software built for web designers to send their campaigns
  83. BubbleShare – Share your story, Photo sharing, Photocasting
  84. Gliffy – Visualize & share ideas on the web
  85. egorrss – email direct to RSS
  86. elgg – the learning landscape
  87. Avvenu – Access Files and Share Photos from Anywhere
  88. LinkedIn – strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts
  89. Sxip – building simple, secure, and open Identity 2.0 solutions for the Web
  90. Meetro – It Breaks The Ice
  91. Fuzz
  92. Slide – Photo sharing for groups, photo discovery, and messaging
  93. Hubpages – similar to squidoo
  94. PicPix – a photo/video sharing/tag/organization application
  95. Podtrac – Connects The Podcaster and the Advertiser
  96. Podserve
  97. Sphere
  98. Placeopedia – Connecting Wikipedia articles with their locations
  99. Goovite – fast, free, easy invites, with no registration required
  100. BlogMarks – blog bookmarks
  101. Trulia – Real Estate Search
  102. Kratia -a Democratic Search Engine, like a DiggGoogle.
  103. Stickis – helping realize the potential of a new, social, web
  104. iNetWord – an Online Browser-Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor
  105. Kajeet – mobile phone service for teens
  106. Consumatin
  107. Feed Pile – Feed Sharing For Everyone.
  108. Socialtext – Offers an Enterprise Wiki as a hosted service
  109. FeedFeeds – Online RSS Feeds reader
  110. BuddyMarks – The Web�??????s best online personal, group and social bookmarks manager
  111. Yahoo! 360??� – blog service
  112. Video Bomb – filters up the hottest videos on the internet
  113. Surf Tail – makes it easier to find what you want on the web by following those who have gone before you
  114. Friendster – An online community that connects people through networks of friends for dating
  115. FotoFlix – the best way to organize and share your fotos online.
  116. Mofile – share your files quickly and easily. Provides free storage,enables you to share documents, pictures, music and movies.
  117. Rabble – MoBlog meets Social Networking
  118. Asoboo – Unlocking doors to people and places in your city.
  119. Pageflakes – Ajax Desktop (mentioned in part 1)
  120. SendSpace – Upload and share up to 1200 MB!
  121. EventSniper – a next-generation online calendar
  122. Etsy – Your place to buy and sell all things handmade
  123. Revver – Share your videos with the world and make money.
  124. Mooflex – content management system
  125. TagCloud – lets you create and manage clouds with content you are interested
  126. PBwiki – Make a free, password-protected wiki as easily as a peanut butter sandwich
  127. Current
  128. EvolvePoint RSS feed creation, tracking, deliver, and management in a web based subscrition service.
  129. Central Desktop – a web based collaboration tool for business teams and workgroups
  130. My Tickler File – allows you to manage your ticklers online
  131. HipCal – Online calendar and todo list
  132. Nooked – an online service, targeted at enterprise, that can manage, create and publish RSS feeds.
  133. – web mail service
  134. Fotki – Unlimited Photo Sharing and Cheap Printing
  135. TimeTracker – a simple tool to keep track of the time you spend on any task.
  136. Blogtronix – Secure Corporate Blogging and Business Networking
  137. Newroo – Real-Time News Aggregator
  138. Attensa – a news aggregator that brings the news that matters to you right into your Microsoft Outlook inbox
  139. BlinkList – Your personal start page and social bookmarking engine
  140. – free 2GB webmail with toolbar loaded with fun & useful functions
  141. – helps users discover the deep web by organizing search results into relevant categories
  142. FeedBlitz – EMail Blog and RSS Subscription Services
  143. Talk Digger – find, follow and join discussions evolving on the internet
  144. Ondergrond (Underground) – a Dutch web application
  145. Userplane – offers industry leading Instant Live Community solutions including web chat scripts, flash chat and video chat software.
  146. 43deals – is a one stop shop for the best shopping deals published across the internet
  147. Zaadz (seed) – changing the world one web user at a time
  148. Cloudalicious – Watching Tag Clouds Over Time
  149. helps you to keep track of online information as it changes
  150. Squeet – Free Email RSS Reader
  151. claimID – a new service to manage your online identity.
  152. askeet! ask questions, find answers
  153. Listal – A social DVD, book, music and games collection manager
  154. Indeed – Search millions of jobs from thousands of job sites
  155. Eurekster Swicki – A wiki farm offering free hosting of Swiki (Squeak Wiki) based wikis.
  156. IceRocket – blog search
  157. Zopa – The first lending and borrowing exchange
  158. PreFound – search what people have already found
  159. Feed2Podcast – instantly turns your blog�??????s RSS feed into a Podcast
  160. Plurn – organizes and categorizes media files on the Internet for sharing as streaming playlists.
  161. ThinkFree Office Online – you can open, edit, and create Office documents with this easy and convenient online service.
  162. – Provides update notification via the web, email, and instant messenger.
  163. EchoSign – helps you keep executed documents organized.
  164. CustomScoop – Online News Clipping Service
  165. MyStickies allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper anywhere and everywhere you feel like in the web
  166. iOWEYOU – Expenses sharing calculator
  167. Tagalag – Tag friends and associates to create contextual relationships
  168. – a place where you can share your thoughts with the world.
  169. – offers nightlife information for events and venues all over the world with an international nightlife community.
  170. DropSend – Email large files easily and securely
  171. WideWord – Write and share documents easily, quickly and privately!
  172. LibraryThing – catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free.
  173. Peerflix – Trade DVDs online
  174. Mabber – integrates ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Jabber in one web browser-based instant messager
  175. Gravatar – Globally Recognized Avatar
  176. Flock – web browser
  177. – Helping Bloggers Succeed
  178. Mologogo is a free service that will track a friend�??????s GPS-enabled cell phone.
  179. Feedpath – feed reader
  180. Mint – helps you identify where the most interest is being generated and over what
  181. PureVolume – is the place for rising artists to host their mp3s and get exposure
  182. Favorville – People Helping People.Be a part of a social experiment in good will.
  183. 43 People – meet friends online.
  184. Glendor Showcase – find jobs online
  185. Fluxiom – capture, manage, access and deliver content across your enterprise.
  186. 9rules Network – is an umbrella that brings together the very best web content
  187. Jobazaar – The new way to get the job done! job auctions
  188. MyMe – Personal web identities
  189. – Send large files quickly and easily without clogging up your email.
  190. TRACTIS
  191. – book hotels online
  192. Grokker – Enterprise Search Management
  193. Zipingo – is the fastest way to find the best local businesses based on community feedback
  194. Jyve – a community of skype users that offers free functionality such as: Groups, Chat, Blogs�???�
  195. – a non-profit organization promoting the basic rights of attention owners
  196. Krugle makes it easy for developers to find source code and technical information
  197. FeedButler – A web-based feed-reader with social bookmarking and non-hierarchical editorial control.
  198. hanzo:web – is a new service that enables you to save and archive web pages,
  199. Zooomr – Photo sharing that speaks your language!
  200. FeedXs – get your own personal feed – no website needed.
  202. Slawesome – is email for your voice
  203. Buzznet – Photo and Video Sharing Community
  204. WordPress – Free Blog Tool and Weblog Platform
  205. RSS MAD – the most surfer friendly internet content aggregator.
  206. Judy�??????s Book – Find the best local businesses reviewed by real people
  207. TitleZ – Book trends for publishers
  208. Tagzania – is about tags and places
  209. SWABBA
  210. BlogBridge – the Blog and feed aggregation solution
  211. Kulando
  212. Campfire – Simple group chat for business
  213. blogSpirit – create your free blog
  214. LifeType – OpenSource Blogging Platform
  215. – Instant domain name lookup and Whois
  216. TracksLife – Your Friendly, Personal, Online Spread-abase
  217. ReminderFeed – Your RSS Reminder Service
  218. Zoho Chat – Make Group Decisions Faster
  219. Edgeio – Listings from the edge
  220. 3bubbles – unites chat and blogs to create real-time conversations in the blogosphere
  221. – Free RSS Pinging to All Major Directories
  222. Tangler – next generation in internet messaging
  223. Fold
  224. Sonr – Statistics for your Podcasts
  225. 30daytags – fresh tag, free delivery
  226. Doostang – an invitation-only professional network that connects people through personal relationships and affiliations
  227. Vongo
  228. Photocase
  229. Jamendo – Download and listen to full albums, legally.
  230. Swagroll – lists and shares your stuff
  231. StikiPad – is like a blank piece of paper – you decide what you�??????re going to make of
  232. co.mments – helps you stay on top of the conversation by keeping you updated of new comments
  233. mightyv
  234. Wikalong – Firefox Extension
  235. Turn – contextual advertisingcompany
  236. TravBuddy – Travel Blogs | Travel Reviews | Travel Community
  237. OpenID – An open and decentralized identity system, designed �?????not to crumble if one company turns evil or goes out of business�????.
  238. – personal file sharing
  239. Podbop – We podcast bands coming to your town
  240. – Buying and Selling Internationally
  241. Eventful – a software and data platform for exchanging, searching, indexing, and publishing millions of events, venues, calendars, and related information worldwide.
  242. Magnoto – Freestyle Blogging & Website Building
  243. Near-Time – brings together the desktop and the Web
  244. Douban