Ullathil Nalla Ullam Lyrics: Shivaji Ganesan & NTR

  • Ullathil nalla ullam
    Vallavan vaguthadhadaa, Karna
    Varuvadhai edhirkolladaa.

The most beautiful amongst souls
Shall never fall to the fatal tell of time
Thus, say the greatest of men, Karna
Prepare for the fate that shall be thine.

  • Thaaikku nee magan illai
    Thambikku annan illai
    Oor pazhi etraayadaa
    Naanum un pazhi kondenadaa

You aren’t a son unto your own mother (referring to Kunti’s desertion)
And not a brother to each of your sibling (the Pandavas)
Oh! How you bore the insinuations!
I too shall be your sinner by my cunning. (The ploys Krishna uses to bare Karna)

  • Mannavar paNi erkum
    KaNNan paNi seyya
    Unnadi paNivaanadaa
    Manniththu arulvaayadaa, Karnaa

He who is served by the greatest kings
(That) Krishna, to serve you, is ready
By bowing to your magnanimity.
Karna, will you grace me with mercy?

  • Senjotru kadantheerka
    Seraatha idam sairndhu
    Vanjaththil viyinthayadaa, Karna
    Vanjakan, Kannanadaa

To repay the hand that fed you
You pledged your loyalty to the vile Kauravaa
And fell in the trap of great deception, Karna.
(Though) the greatest knave is the son of Vasudeva.


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