Swaagatham Swami: ‘omsairam’

My Most memorable song sung in front of Swami…!!

1st para:

“Swaagatham karte thera Sai Hum

Raah Nihaare Thak Gaye Naena

Prem ki jothi jalaa aaah (swagatham…)………… (2)

2nd para:

Tum jo Aaye Darsh ke pyaase

Nainon ke deep jale bin baatee

Dil Mein Umange Jaage Phir Se

Dil Mein Aayii kushi ki bahaar Oh o ho…

Kushiyaan hee kushiyaan dil mein hai chaayi

Swaagat O meri Saayee.. (Swagatham…)…………. (2)

3rd para:

Gokul Mein Jaise Krishna ko paane

Dhoondu Rahe Tan Man Sab Tyaage

Ye Aangan tha Sona Saayee

Tere Aanae se pehale Oh o ho…

Aayaa Phir se is aangan mein

Swaagat O Mere Saayee..”(Swagatham…)……….. (2)

On May 8th 2005: 

Youth from all over the state of Karnataka had gathered at Brindavan to have a seva camp and rally. In the morning, the Sai Ramesh Krishen hall was overflowing with devotees and the youth delegates. The hall wore a festive look, with floral decorations all over the stage area. All were eager to have the first darshan of Bhagawan after His return from Kodaikanal.

At 8.20 am, the first signs of Bhagawan’s arrival were seen – the chandeliers around the stage were switched on. Soon after, we could hear Nadaswaram players welcoming the Lord. Then Swami came walking down the road from His Trayee residence, and walked into the hall from the first entrance on the ladies’ side, accompanied by a Brindavan lecturer and Dr. Padmanabhan of Bangalore. As He entered, the students started a welcome song: “Swagatam… karte tera Sai hum.” Swami walked over to the lift on the left side of the stage, went up to His chair at the centre of the stage. Meanwhile, the sevadals had started their bhajans after the welcome song. Swami sat onstage keeping time to the bhajans for half an hour. Then, He asked for the golf cart to be brought. Getting down from the stage from the gents’ side lift, Swami boarded the golf cart and went on a full round of the hall, to the delight of all the devotees. While bhajans went on, He moved slowly down the centre aisle, and back to the front of the hall along the path on the gents’ side, taking around ten minutes in all. Bhagawan left the hall, but bhajans continued, as is the practice at Brindavan on Sundays. The bhajans usually go on till the evening, when Bhagawan receives Arati.

After Bhagawan left the darshan area, the Sai youth who had gathered for their camp formed a procession and went around Bhagawan’s Trayee Brindavan residence as is done during Nagar Sankirtan. Mini-trucks with banners reading “Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation Grama Seva” were waiting for the participants, who then left for their village service activities.

In the afternoon, all were waiting for Swami to arrive, singing bhajans like “Aao Aao Nandalala”. Bhagawan walked in at 4.40 pm, following the same path as He did in the morning. He sat for the bhajans for another half hour. As He took Arati, He signalled for prasadam to be distributed, and laddus were brought out from behind the stage. As the laddus were being distributed and the Arati was drawing to a close, Bhagawan walked towards the rear of the stage and returned to Trayee from there.

Reference: This message is taken from the link:  http://www.radiosai.org/pages/PB_20050508.htm


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