HOT MBA Project Topics (Final Semester)

Here are some of the project titles for MBA final semester.


One thought on “HOT MBA Project Topics (Final Semester)

  1. Project Titles
    HR Topics
    Performance appraisal/ performance management system
    Human resource information system
    Recruitment / selection methods
    Employee satisfaction/surveys
    Organizational design, governance
    Performance measurement/mgmt
    Succession management
    Training & development

    Finance Topics
    cash management
    management of financial services
    working capital
    inventory control
    Audit and Accounting
    Budgeting/Cost Control
    Business Valuations
    Cost Benchmarking
    Electronic Funds Transfer
    Product/Customer Profitability
    Project Assessment, Feasibility
    Risk Management

    Marketing Topics
    Internet Marketing
    Market Assessment/Planning
    Market Research/Surveys/Focus Groups
    New Product Development/Design
    Pricing Strategy
    Revenue Management
    Sales force Management
    Advertising and Promotion/PR
    Customer Relationship Mgmt
    Data Mining/Data Driven Mktg
    Direct Marketing Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Consumer Perception Survey
    Service Quality Study
    Service Blueprinting
    Service Process Mapping – Back stage, on-stage
    Improving service quality using service blueprinting
    Competition Analysis
    Service standards
    Study on effectiveness of employee’s role in service delivery
    Effectiveness of channels (distributors) in service delivery
    Effectiveness of channels (on-line/ Internet) in service delivery
    Customer Data Analysis
    Study of Institutional markets
    Effectiveness of promotion schemes
    Measurement of Brand awareness and brand perception
    Customer Loyalty study
    Study of purchase influencing factors
    Customer Profiling
    Advertising effectiveness study

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