“Sai Baba Quotes & sayings: Happy Deepawali”

  1. “Listen with faith; reflect with discrimination; meditate with one point devotion. Then, the truth will be revealed and doubts will disappear.” Sai Baba
  2. “Live in Love, live with Love, move with Love, speak with Love, think with Love, and act with Love. This is the best and most fruitful spiritual endeavor.” Sai Baba
  3. “The role is His. The lines are written by Him, He directs, He designs the dress and decoration, the gesture and the tone, the entrance and exit. You have to act well the part and receive His approbation when the curtain falls.” Sai Baba
  4. “Reduce your needs, minimize your desires. All these material knick-knacks are short-lived.” Sai Baba
  5. “Seva is the worship you offer to the God in the heart of everyone.” Sai Baba
  6. “Why do you want to go away from here, child? You have reached home. Stay! Once you have come to me, there is no where else to go. Sit down. Koorcho!” Sai Baba
  7. “There is no other support in times of dire need, than God. To know Him, cling to Him, to merge in His immeasurable splendour – that is the highest goal of man.” Sai Baba
  8. “You must surrender your judgement to the Lord; then the Lord will assume full responsibility and be the guardian, guide and motive power.” Sai Baba
  9. “That which gives you happiness when it comes to you will also cause sorrow when it goes away from you.” Sai Baba
  10. “Develop a sense of proportion, a due sense of values. Love the things of the world with the love that is their due, and not more.” Sai Baba

In Brief: Lets understand Deepawali in short:

Deepavali means “the array of lights.” “Thamasomaa jyotirgamaya” (Lead me from darkness to light) is an Upanishadic prayer: This means that where there is darkness light is needed. What is this darkness? Sorrow is one form of darkness. Peacelessness is another. Loss is another. Disappointment is one form of darkness. Misery is yet another. Lack of enthusiasm is another. All these are different forms of darkness. To get rid of the darkness of sorrow, you have to light the lamp of happiness. To dispel the darkness of disease, you have to install the light of health. To get over the darkness of losses and failures, you have to usher in the light of prosperity.

Reference: http://www.sathyasai.org/discour/2008/titles2008.html & SBOI.

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