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The lion sleeps tonight !!


Strength of a Woman:::Beautiful She Cow !!

I love this song from Shaggy: Strength of a Woman !!
Oh Wow, uh, hm, ya, shorty!
Oh Yah!
This one goes out to all my women, my strong women.

So amazin’ how this world was made,
I wonder if God is a woman !!
The gift of life astounds me to this day;
I give it up for the woman !!
She’s the constant wind that fills my sail,
Oh, that woman !!
With a smile and a style,
She’ll protect you like a child,
That’s a woman !!

She’ll put a smile upon her face,
And take you to a higher place,
So don’t you underestimate,
strength of a woman !!
strength of a woman !!

Woke up this mornin’,
I got up with the scent of a woman !!
S’picture if you would what life would be,
Ain’t much good without a woman !!
She can nag and be a constant pain,
Oh, that woman !!
But those hips,
she’s got me whipped,
And it’s just too hard to resist,
What a woman !!

Tender lips that’s so so sweet,
Gentle words she softly speaks,
Such a nature will we meet,
God bless the ground beneath her feet !!
She can take you on a high,
Be your comfort when you cry,
But if you look into her eyes you’ll see,
The strength of a woman.
Strength of a woman !!

Old Pictures of Bhagwan Shirdi SaiBaba: Jay Sai Ram

Sairam to all: Listening to my stories, narrating them to others, contemplating on them will propagate love and devotion for me, which will destroy ignorance, instantly. Wherever there is Faith and Devotion together, I remain enslaved forever. Have no doubts about this, but otherwise I always remain unattainable.

“Meaning of my name Satheesh: Jay Sai Ram”

Lets understand the meaning for the name Satheesh. Satheesh means victory for the lord. It also means the Supreme Bliss. According to Hinduism, Hinduism Dictionary & Sanskrit Dictionary:

Sath means “Truth the only Existance“.

eesh means “The Supreme power and the peace maker”.

The whole Body, Soul and Mind are the one. Hence in oneness directory, Satheesh means The Supreme Bliss and Victory for the Lord.

Reference: oneness guide, Google and several directories.